The Laboratory for Performance with Interactive Systems is dedicated to the development of concepts, strategies and techniques for realtime interaction applied to musical creation, using acoustic instruments and digital controllers / sensors.

LaPIS integrates the CPMC (Center for Research in Contemporary Music) and is associated with the Graduate Program in Music, in the Sonology research field.

The lab supports research projects in the following categories:

Interactive Musical Systems
Construction and exploration of musical environments for real-time interaction involving people and machines. From the capture / perception and interpretation of activities carried out by its members, different situations and musical dialogues can be proposed. Multimodality (use of sounds, movements, images) can characterize part, or even the totality, of the processes combined in specific projects.

I/O interfaces in multimodal music contexts
Design, development, programming and adaptation of analog-digital interfaces – controllers, sensors, actuators, transmitters, micro-processors, speakers, screens, etc. – for use in different multimodal musical contexts. The challenges encountered here include the multiplicity of stimuli and types of signals, portability, processing and transmission capacity, latency, synchronism, applications.

Multimodal music information retrieval
Research focused on the estimation of acoustic, kinetic and kinematic parameters, retrieved from the audio signal, sensor data and the tridimensional spatial position of musicians – research modality in constant development and improvement, that gives support to several projects also developed in the CEGeME laboratory.

Listening and sound design
The approach to music based on sound concreteness and auditory perception provides different theoretical-practical approaches to cultural activities in which sounds play a relevant role: acousmatic listening (without the presence or awareness of the sound source), soundtracks, soundscapes, analysis of recordings, referentialities, among others.

Sonological applications to music learning and human development
It takes as object of investigation the human behaviour in musical activities mediated by technological tools directed to the learning and human development.